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May 2009

Tralee Golf Club

Club of the Month Archive

Tralee Golf Club epitomises everything natural and beautiful about the Emerald Isle.

There is something very appealing about the Irish coast line, obviously we have been blessed with natural beauty and outstanding panoramic views over hill and vale, but I think that one of the main reasons that Ireland has a natural charm is that you could look at the same view every day for a year and each day you would see something different. There are many hidden beauties just waiting to be noticed.

Crosty Tralee Golf Club Brandon

Tralee Golf Club serves up a treat to the senses and will never fail to please and satisfy. It is a course of contrasts, the first 9 holes start off quite peaceably with a gentle Par 4 rolling towards the sea and the craic begins with a testing Par 5 by the cliffs and a testing Par 3 that could turn into a “card wrecker” if the wind is up.

Tralee Golf 17th Hole

The back 9 adds a completely different dimension and enters a new terrain – Duneland! You will now experience 9 of the finest holes in links golf and indeed world golf!

Play Tralee Golf Club – You simply must!

Tralee Golf Club is the Greengolfball “Golf Club of the Month” for May 2009

For great rates at Tralee Golf Club please contact Greengolfball Ltd at or +353 1 843 5570

Jonathan Bryans
Greengolfball Ltd

Tralee Golf Club

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